K'nex Mario Kart Wii Building Set 38466: Yoshi Vs Lava Plumes

Mario Kart Wii Building Set 38466 Yoshi

Children love a Mario Kart Wii Building a great Mario building set made by K'nex. I do believe you will like that the building set features this feature of 2 collectible items: bullet bill and a star. Additional features include moving lava plumes obstacle, build yoshi tm in his sprinter kart and ages 6+. Selecting a Mario Kart Wii Building . To get the best offer on this building set together with other Mario building sets, visit our affilate button below.


Model: 38466
UPS: 744476384669
Package Quantity: 1

Bring Mario TM Kart Wii to life! Ages 6+. Standard K'NEX parts made in the U. S. A. Special components developed in China. Packaged in the U. S. A. Build Yoshi TM in his Sprinter Kart and race past the Lava Plumes from the Bowser TM's Castle Track. The set includes the parts to build Yoshi TM, a Sprinter Kart using a super-fast, battery-powered motor, a Lava Plume obstacle and 2 collectible items from the game: Bullet Bill also as a Star! Also consists of 6 pieces of buildable, interconnectable track - combine this set with other sets from the Mario TM Kart Wii Series to construct even bigger tracks!


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